Photo Credit: Tya Anthony

As a young emerging artist, with a BFA in sculpture has allowed me to open the possibilities to creating different works of art such as installation and performance art. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1991 and moved to Miami, FL at a young age. Art was always present in my childhood, although it did not fully blossom until college when I attended Miami Dade College, where I received my Associate in Arts. My earliest form of art making were mostly drawing and painting which illustrated feminist ideas and portraiture of family reflecting my everyday life.

Upon coming to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, my body of work went towards a different direction. At this point I began to think more three-dimensional and became extremely interested in materiality.  Finding new conceptual ways to talk about old ideas and embryo new ones to the surface, allowing the viewer to engage with my art not only in a visual content but a mental one too.